User creation - View only Dashboards


What I want to do is the following:

  • Create a new User which can only see Dashboards (read only).
  • Only Dashboards in the menu.
  • Only Dashboards in the GUI.
  • I have 2 indexes and 2 Dashboards.

I’ve been trying for 2 months reading forums and trying my self, but nothing yet.

Multi-tenancy = False
Opendistro version: 1.9.0

Hello @geopat,

It is something like this How to hide Kibana menu for user? ?

I did the exact steps in this forum and nothing works

Probably, yes. Because in the current OD model there is not way to limit users to the certain panels like Discovery, Visualisations, Dashboards, etc… And a new model is still in progress.

Did you try a custom plugin mentioned in the thread above?

@geopat I have been able to create read-only Kibana users but there were two “tricks” to getting it to work. First, you need to grant the read-only user the Cluster permissions of “cluster_composite_ops_ro”. This is in addition to any other action group/permissions you might need (e.g. to access a particular index).

Second, you need to set the do_not_fail_on_forbidden property to “true” in the Elasticsearch config.yml file. If this is NOT set to “true”, any attempt to access indexes via dashboards will result in ERROR messages.

Thanks for your time!

This is not working since I’m not hiding the options to the user.
Also dashboards are still empty not showing.

I cant understand why this is so difficult since Opendistro is hardened for security.
This is a major issue, hide and unhide items it’s a must!