Kibana Create user that can only view Dashboards

Hello everyone,
I am using 7.8.0 OSS version of ELK stack. I am using Open Distro security standalone plugin of version 1.9.0. I have installed it in both Kibana UI and Elasticsearch. I want to create an user which have only access to view Kibana Dashboards. Below is the role i created for above requirement.
Cluster Permissions : cluster_composite_ops_ro
Index Permissions : read (for particular index pattern)
Global Permissions : kibana_all_read
In the role mappings, I have assigned user ‘kibana_user’ the above role. And I have selected “kibanauser” as backend role.

This user is not allowed to do any edits or inserts in Kibana. After editing, When this user tries to save, it gets an error “Forbidden”.
I would like to remove the option of “edit” for this user in Kibana. Moreover, I would like this user to see only dashboards. So whenever, this user logs in It should be redirected to Dashboard Page instead of home page.


I would recommend looking into the kibana_read_only role

I have used this and it enables a “dashboard only” mode for that user.

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You may want to review this thread from earlier in the week which covered a very similar request: BUG Opendistro(1.8) kibana_read_only role not working in elastic 7.7

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