Privileges for kibana user

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I want to give only dashboard read only access to the specific user in the Kibana when i create and login from the user perspective the tenant is “user_tenant” i have given one index . and there are dashboard related to it in the admin . i have given tenant as read only
when i login as an user i can’t see that dashboard , the user should not edit any dashboard
it is in X-pack like privileges to provide specific dashboard where in the open distro it is not like that please help

its kindly request

Hi Dilipchiru,

Which version of open-distro are you using ?

Prior to 1.0.0 there was reserved role kibana_read_only. All you needed to do was to map your user to this role to make him only see the dashboards. In the last version (1.0.0) this role is no longer available, i don’t know how to do now.

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HI ,

Thanks for the reply i saw the Kibana version as 6.7.1 so based on that i confirm saying it is 0.9.0
In that kibana_read_only is available and and i have mapped the specific index and the kibana dashboards are coming but still i can edit the dashboards in the kibana when the tenant is read/write

But when i keep the tenant read the dashboards are not visible.

Please help on that it’s kindly request from my side


Hi Oliver, did you find a solution for solving this task in the latest version of opendistro? Thanks