Kibana read_only permission

Hi everyone,

I migrated my docker version of distro (Kibana + Elastic) from 0.9.0 to 1.0.1.

In security roles mapping, I don’t find the kibana_read_only role allowing to see only dashboard tab for user with this role in the most recent version.

An idea of why ? and how to give this role in the new version (>1.0) ?

Thanks a lot,


I’m using kibana_read_only role in the previous version too, and I don’t understand why it’s removed in 1.0.


In version 1.0.1, I created a fake role : kibana_read_only without any permissions and tenants. I map a user with this role and I added him a backend role : read_all and kibanauser. It seems to work, my user see only dashboard tab and can’t edit dashboard, that what I expected but it’s probably not the best solution.

Great! thanks, I will do this, btw did you know how to add also Discover tab?

I don’t think this option exists, only for the dashboard tab