How can i create a user who can only view dashboard menu in the side menu list?

First… i’m not good English… excuse me…

  • Opendistro v1.10.1

Hello ?
I need a new ‘internal user’ that can only see the dashboard menu.

so, I have created ‘Internal User’ that maps to three Rolls
(Kibana_user, kibana_read_only, readall).
but it show me error page(/select_tenant) after click login button.

What should I do?

Hey Marthcat-

That doesn’t seem quite right. I think you might want to put an issue over on the security-kibana-plugin.

Actually, I found a similar (same?) issue with our instructions in the docs. Feel free to reference this issue as well.

In ODFE 1.7.0, I’ve only been able to get a kibana_read_only user to work if I also give it cluster_composite_ops_ro permissions on the cluster. I spelled out the steps that worked for me in a response to an earlier question posted here.

FYI - The instructions in the docs has cluster_composite_ops_ro and is still triggering ‘Application Not Found’.
It will be fixed soon.

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