How to hide Kibana menu for user?

How to hide Kibana menu for users? For example: I want hide Discover Alerting and Security.

I don´t think it is possible to remove the menu, but you can hide most menu items by assigning the “kibana_read_only” role to the user. That will give the user dashboard only access.

Can you clarify if you are looking to hide the menu items for all users or for specific users?

We customized Kibana to simplify the menu, navigation et al. For the menu, we customized the css since we wanted to simplify the menu across all users.

You can disable alerting plugin on kibana.yml using the config opendistro.alerting.enabled (
About Discover I don’t think there is a easy way to hide without change the code.

I’m upping a pretty old topic but I would be interested to know if it is possible to hide some items for specific users. I don’t want to see e.g the dev tools or index management for my basic users, while it should be available for more advanced ones

Edit. Basically like the Space privileges in xpack

Hey @remio,

Do you want to do that based only in users or based on roles/backend_roles ?

Per role would be perfect for my use case.
Per user would be limited: you would have to redo the configuration for each user you create.

FYI I opened an issue on github:

I’ve started develop a plugin that integrates with Open Distro Security and allow to map a role with a couple of Apps (Discover, Visualize, Dashboard, Dev Tools, etc.).

Okay I’ll reply your open ticket to start a discussion. I hope Open Distro has interest and we start working on it :grin:

I’ve recently done a hack type plugin for Kibana to hide some menu elements from users with no rights to Security section. There are also a few fixes to UI. It’s a frontend plugin (some jquery +some css). Placed it at github. Maybe someone will find it userful.