Any way to hide plugins from users who don't have permissions?

For simplicity for end users, I want to hide plugins that the user has no permissions for.

The Security plugin does not show up in the nav bar for users without permission. Is it possible to hide other plugins from users without permissions?

For example, I’ve installed the Alerting plugin and it shows up here for a user with no permissions:

I want it to show:


I found this old thread, but not really helpful.

How specifically does Kibana/OpenSearch decide whether or not to display the “Security” plugin in the nav bar? Is it possible to extend to functionality to other plugins? If anyone has any pointers I could look into maybe making changes and a pull request.

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Looks like this menu item is not displayed because of this line here:

Hi, is there an update on this issue?

@shansb I don’t think there will be any for OpenDistro.
I suggest to open feature request for OpenSearch Dashboards.

Currently the only mechanism to hide OpenSearch Dashboards menu elements based on user’s priviliges is opensearch_security.readonly_mode.roles option.

However, this option won’t allow you to choose elements of the OpenSearch Dashboards menu and will disable everything except Dashboards.


Ok thanks for your quick reply.
I opened a feature request here: