Kibana_read_only and alerts

Hi, I want to configure a a user with kibana_read_only and alerting permissions.
Could it be possible? I couldn’t get a configure with that.


Hi @salberch,

To clarify do you mean you want to configure a user with kibana_read_only and all permissions for alerting (including write permissions)? Or kibana_read_only and read_only permissions for alerting?

I want to create user with kibana_read_only and alerting_full_access, I did it, but I have some issues with the kibana menu.
I doesn’t show alerting icon (only dashboards and tenants), but I can point directly to the open-distro-alerting plugin (app/opendistro-alerting#/) and It shows all the kibana menu icons.

How can I hide all the kibana menu icons when I’m in the general page of the alerting plugin?

thank you so much

Anyone can help me? thanks!

Hi @salberch,

I don’t think we currently have the integration between Alerting and Security to correctly support this as of now. Even if you somehow applied the kibana_read_only role with the alerting_full_access, the user would inherently have full access to the cluster by way of alerting since it can query any index.