Limit access to dashboards

I have multiple dashboards, and am looking to migrate to OpenDistro due to security aspects over standard ES. I therefore want to create users, who have access to Dashboard 1, and others users to have access to only Dashboard 2.

I can’t see anyway to do this, is it possible??


Hi Paul,

You can do this in the Security plugin using Tenants. We need to add a doc here to help, but it is pretty straightforward.

  • Create your users.
  • Create a role for each set of users and give that role access to the appropriate indexes. One the role you can define a tenant - which will create a special kibana index for all users who are mapped to that role.
  • Map your users to the roles that are appropriate for them
  • Map those users to the Kibana User role or Kibana Read-Only role as appropriate.
  • Login as one of those users and select the shared tenant from the tenants tab. You will then need to configure the index pattern and import the dashboards you want the users in this tenant to see.
  • Repeat for the other user/tenant.

They will share a dedicated Kibana index for those users associated with that tenant - so they will not see any dashboards of the other user groups. Hopefully this gives you enough to get started.


Hi @surreynorthern did you get this resolved using tenants? If not, can you confirm odfe version are you using to assist you further?

Became a moot point, as we moved the’s own hosting…