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We are developing an application with OpenDistro. We are creating multiple users in Kibana, each one has READ access for some documents (DLS) and has its own dashboard with READ / WRITE permissions.

Our main problem is to share panels. If a user wants to share a dashboard with READ access for the same documents and only with READ permissions for the tenant, how could we do it?

We know that it should not be a private tenant, our problem is to share the dashboard for an anonymous user that clicks on the shared link and allow him to see the same data as the user authenticated.

Thank you


Hello again,

We are working on a solution. I will try to explain it more detailed and the partial solution we have done.

We have a Django application in which you can analyze projects. The results of the analysis are stored in ODFE. In order to show a dashboard for each project, in ODFE Kibana, we have created users with READ access only to the documents of a specific project.

When a user wants to see the dashboard of one project, we authenticate him/her with JWT in Kibana and he/she can play with the data. Our problem is sharing the dashboards created by that user.

Our current approach is that for each Dashboard/Project we have two users with the same DLS access over the indices

  • The first user has R/W access to the dashboard (tenant)
  • The second user has RO access
    This way we have two URLs, one for the user, and another one that is shared.

This is not exactly what we want. Our goal is if an anonymous user tries to view a specific dashboard/tenant (without JWT) with the same DLS permissions, he maybe gets authenticated and can see the dashboard with RO access.

We think that changes to ODFE are needed, but we want to make sure that there isn’t anyway to resolve this problem.

All kind of commentaries are welcome.

Thank you

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Ping! Any clue how to solve this? Thank you!

We have done some research about this topic, and I think we are stuck in how Kibana handles the user’s token when clicking in the Kibana “Share” button.

Anyone here can help or has faced the same issue? We might need to fork Kibana, and that’s a path we wouldn’t like to walk again :slight_smile:

Thank you!