OpenDistro-- Are Plugin Features open source?

I am new to OpenDistro and want to learn more about it. OpenDistro has lots of good feature/functionality set. Few of interesting are security, async searches, SQL and others.

So are all these feature/functionality really open source. What i mean here is, can i use these in my application stack and distribute it?

:wave: Howdy.

Yep - everything in Open Distro is Apache 2.0 licensed (aka “really open source”!). Please use it to the extent the license allows. WhiteSource has a good write up of all that Apache 2.0 allows.

No requirement, but the whole community loves hearing about how people use Open Distro. Share if you can!

Hi Kyle,
I am a small time consultant who is helping small businesses setup oss version of elk with simple enhancements as per requirements. I am integration other open source tools as external plugins and helping my customers. I am charging my customers price for solution aka product, professional services and support. I am wondering whether am I breaking any laws here by the changes in the open source situation of OSS. The papers about AWS and OSS are too elaborate and confusing. Is it possible for you to kindly shed some light on the matter so that little consultants like me can understand that we are on the right path. Thank you very much. I will be great gift if you can take a 10 min call but then people wish pink ponies and unicorns and rainbows in there basement, you can reject it without a doubt. Thank you very much sir for all the help.

Sure… I write a post explaining how we are using elastic search… Thanks for answering my question

Hey Zia - Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer so I can’t give you legal advice.

Selling, providing pro services, and support seems like a pretty standard thing to do with open source software and Open Distro is open source software.

As mentioned above, it’s Apache 2.0 so you can read the actual license (it’s short) instead of taking my word for it or the WhiteSource link above for some more direct questions (including “Can you sell Apache open source software/code?”).

You also wouldn’t be the first to do what you’re describing. (And sending you a DM)