OpenSearch and OpenDistro

Hi Guys,

What distribution should I use at the moment? any different? Can someone give some comparison and suggestion to this?

OpenDistro is not a distribution, it is basically a set of plugins to provide additional functionality to Apache Elasticsearch 7.10.2 (and lower) such as security and SQL.

OpenSearch, on the hand, is a fork of Apache Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and a continuation to OpenDistro that aims to make the capabilities of Elasticsearch (Apache Licensed) since Elastic Co discontinued the Apache license for newer versions of the Elastic Stack.

In otherwords, if you are starting with this technology, it is recommended to start with OpenSearch. All new features and bug fixes are going to be there.

I hope that helps.

I would disagree that Open Distro is not a distribution (that’s what ‘distro’ stands for :joy:), but everything else you said is :100:.

In summary: Use OpenSearch.