Opendistro to OpenSearch Migration

Hello Everyone

We are using OpenDistro (1.13.2) 7.10.2 ELK stack now I want Upgrade OpenDistro to OpenSearch so I can Upgrade directly or not ?

And OpenDistro 1.13.2 is Covered Log4j Vernablity ? Is Secure ?

What is deffrenace between OpenSearch and OpenDistro ?

OpenDistro will discuntue ? If Yes then when ?

and what is proceedure to Take full Cluster Snapshot and Restore to New OpenSearch Cluster.

Please Answer as soon As possible.

You can upgrade - there is even a great blog about the topic:

Open Distro 1.13.2 needs to be upgraded or mitigated for Log4j.

OpenSearch and Open Distro are similar in use, different in construction. Open Distro is a collection of tools and plugins that sit on top of builds of OSS Elasticsearch and Kibana (in your case version 7.10.2). OpenSearch is a fork of OSS Elasticsearch and Kibana (version 7.10.2) paired with an evolution of the tools and plugins used in Open Distro.

All new development is going towards OpenSearch.


Trying to Install yum install opendistroforelasticsearch-1.13.3 but showing no package available

after adding repo kindly help I want to Upgrade 1.13.2 to 1.13.3 for log4j vurnablity so please help for the same.

There is no package for 1.13.3 :frowning:. More info: