Upgrade OpenDistro from 1.12.0 to OpenSearch

Please explain how to upgrade OpenDistro 1.12 to OpenSearch.
As I know, firstly it is necessary to upgrade OpenDistro from 1.12.0 to 1.13.2, but now the distributive is not available.
What shall I do in this situation?

P.S. - I can’t use docker-files, only deb-packages

Thanks for reaching out.
Here is a blog post for reference: How To: Upgrade from Open Distro to OpenSearch · OpenSearch
Ideally I would recommend to move to 1.13 which is based off 7.10.2 of Elasticsearch.
Another alternative is to move to OpenSearch directly from 1.12 since its based of same major/minor version of Elasticsearch i.e 7.10.
Technically it should work and shouldn’t have problems but it also depends on how your setup is. How does your setup look like and do you use any plugins?

@kris do we know if we provide 1.13 DEB distributions for migrations?

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@vemsarat we do not currently have deb for the 1.3.x line - I believe it’s currently targeted for the 1.3.9 release OpenSearch / OpenSearch Dashboards - DEB distribution (X64) · Issue #28 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub – scheduled to go on March 16th Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy · OpenSearch

How about building a new cluster and reindex? xD

@ BlackMetalz
I have a great number of indexes, and it’s no way to built a new cluster and reindex data

@ vemsarat
Yes, I’ve read a blog post How To: Upgrade from Open Distro to OpenSearch , and try to move to OpenSearch directly from 1.12, but attempts were unsuccessful.

Here is my setyp for cluster:

Here is list of installed plugins:

But actually we used only opendistro_security, opendistro-knn and opendistro-knnlib

Thank you for the information. This gives more context. Could you help me understand what were the failures?
In the meanwhile I’ll reachout internally if there are other options to share the artifacts for OpenDistro 1.13.

Thank you for your advice - I managed to upgrade the cluster to OpenSearch 1.0.0
But now I have other problem with indexes, and also I need your advice.
I will close this topic and create a new one for the existing problem

Now I have another problem with kNN indices in OpenSearch. I’ve described the problem in detail in this topic (Migrating and using kNN indexes from OpenDistro to OpenSearch)
Maybe you can give some advice for solving it?

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