Open Distro ELK is the same as comes from

Hi, guys!

I have already installed Elasticsearch + Kibana OSS 7.9.3 from

Can I seamlessly use Open Distro plugins with my current E(L)K stack?

What is the difference between E(L)K stack comes from and E(L)K stack which is embedded in the Open Distro?


So I see you already have selected and installed the oss aplv2 version of elasticsearch. However the current release of open distro is based on 7.9.1, so if you plan on installing the opendistro components you will probably need to go back to that version.

As for your primary question. The features of opendistro are unique to the project. These include alerting, performance analyzer, security implementations, SQL query language, just to name a few. These are features that the APLv2 licensed version of elasticsearch and kibana do not have. Not to say you can’t get some similar functionality out of components from elastic directly. However, many of those are based on what they call “X-Pack” releases which are licensed with their elastic license, which is not open-source.

I am incredibly new to the open distro and elastic in general. I’m sure my understanding isn’t perfect but as your question didn’t have an answer yet, I thought I would provide you with what I could.