All-in-one open distro for previous versions of Kibana

I’m looking to install OpenDistro version since we are currently using ES 6.8.1.

Following this link, I create a repo file and then was able to install the all-in-one open-distro for elasticsearch.

My question is: How can I do the same for Kibana as well?

I currently did the following for Kibana:
Since the above repo file wasn’t listing kibana package, I downloaded kibana-oss-6.8.1 from And then following this link, I downloaded the security and files for version. Is this the correct way to go about or is there a better way?

Will very much appreciate some inputs. While I’ve been using ELK stack since few years, this is my first foray into opendistro.

Hi @sandeepkanabar

Thanks for reaching out.

I am trying to understand what you’re looking for ?

Are you looking for instructions on installing ODFE-kibana either using docker or RPM ?

Here is the link Kibana - Open Distro Documentation You should be able to look for instructions on both.

Thank you for answering @mihirsoni. To be precise, I was looking for older version of opendistro elasticsearch and kibana.

I accomplished this by downloading the kibana-oss version and then downloaded security plugin from and installed the plugin.

@sandeepkanabar / @mihirsoni How you were able to install version? I tried yum & rpm & it was not working. It’s forcing me to go with the latest version.

@surajrrao - yes, I was able to install version.

Using --setopt=obsoletes=0 will let you install the specific version you want.

These are the steps I followed

  1. Configure the repo file - From install and configure RPM link, create the repo file.
  2. Once you have the repo configured, run the command sudo yum list opendistroforelasticsearch --showduplicates and see if the version you want is listed or not.
  3. Download the specific version by specifying --setopt=obsoletes=0 e.g.
    sudo yum install opendistroforelasticsearch-0.10.0 --setopt=obsoletes=0

This will also install the requisite dependencies e.g the corresponding elasticsearch-oss-6.8.1 and other packages.

If you want to do an offline install, then you can use:

sudo yum install --downloadonly --downloaddir=ODFErpms opendistroforelasticsearch-0.10.0 --setopt=obsoletes=0

Hope that helps.