Compatibility Check Open Distro with ElasticSearch

Hello All ,

I am completely new to OpenDistro, Our existing system is running with X-Pack basic license and we have enabled basic features like basic authentication and Role based access.

Since we wanted some more features like AD/ldap authentication trying to figureout Open distro could be a best option to replace x-pack .

So When i checked , Open distro is coming along with Elasticsearch and Kibana setup. We are currently using Elastic search and Kibana Versions of 6.8.4 . I saw latest version of OpenDistro is odfe-1.6.0 , which is very latest . Can i just use the latest Open Distro for elastic search and OD For Kibana in replacement of 6.8.4 version ? OR do you think there could be a compatibility issues ?

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Saravana S

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Hello Saravana,

odfe-1.6.0 runs ES 7.6.1. There is no equivalent ofde version for ES 6.8.4

So there may be some incompatibilities.


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