Functionalities & Licences & Pricing


Can we consider OpenDistro as a competitor for X-Pack, SearchGuard, ReadOnlyRest, … ?

Does OpenDistro offering many licences : Free, Entreprise, … ? if yes, could you please give us the corresponding documentation.

If there is paid versions for OpenDistro, where can we find pricing plans ?


Having read all of the material, Open Distro is released under the Apache 2.0 license, and is 100% open source and free to use.

It is clearly positioned as an alternative to X-Pack and other plugins which offer X-Pack like functionality.

I found this in security/securityconfig/elasticsearch.yml.example:

   # Enable or disable the Open Distro Security enterprise modules
   # By default enterprise modules are enabled. If you use any of the modules in production you need
   # to obtain a license. If you want to use the free Community Edition, you can switch
   # all enterprise features off by setting the following key to false
   opendistro_security.enterprise_modules_enabled: true

So it appears there are still “Community” and “production” editions, with the latter having some sort of license.

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Hi @tomjohnson just wanted to link to our other discussion on this file so that if others come by this, they can read our discussion. Need a license for "enterprise modules"? - #3 by elifish

Raw text from link:

“there are no additional licenses that need to be purchased for Open Distro for Elasticsearch. All plugins released with Open Distro for Elasticsearch are 100% Apache 2.0. We will update the file to reflect the Apache 2.0 license more clearly.”


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