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Do you know at this point if there will be full compatibility of future forked Elasticsearch/Kibana with Beats (which stay Apache 2.0 in their OSS flavor according to Elastic) and different DSLs (I am mostly interested in PERL and PYTHON DSLs)?

Hey @igorid70 Good questions. The Beats thing is something I’m gathering more information on - it’s a good question that I don’t have ready answers for yet.

The DSL will stay compatible with 7.10 unless we have a very good reason to break it in the future (we’d never take a decision like that lightly). I wouldn’t expect the client libraries to have a problem with the fork.

Now, with any forked project, the road maps will diverge over time. So sure, in the future I can imagine incompatible queries between the projects.

This bit from that new license is so unclear to me:

You may not provide the software to third parties as a hosted or managed service, where the service provides users with access to any substantial set of the features or functionality of the software.

Yes, thats fuzzy.

And it seems (because sub-licensing is forbidden) you have to license any derivative work (or any application which includes ES under ELv2) also under ELv2? If that is the case I do not see any improvement over ELv1 or SSPL.

But besides this I guess ELv2 will have no effect on the new fork! @searchymcsearchface @carlmead right?

← Not a lawyer :slight_smile:

But my reading is that the v2 looks a little more clear and easier for non-legal folks to parse but remains a commercial license with restrictions that make it incompatible Apache-v2.0 and not attractive to folks that rely on those freedoms. I do not see this as having any effect on the fork.


Right. The fork is already in motion. ELv2 is a distraction.

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Just another indication of backpedaling, confusion, and deception. Looking forward to a community driven path forward for all. Open and clear just like Apache 2 for everyone to get value from.


There is a workshop on this tomorrow if interested: Workshop: Migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch

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