Odfe archive in production

My project requirement is to use zip/tar for production.

When I run odfe on windows no warning is prompted but running on linux prompts the following warning:
** Warning: Do not use on production or public reachable systems **

Can I use zip/tar for production? If not, can you please explain the reason for the same?

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@Bhupendra I’m trying to get a good technical answer for you on this.

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Any update please.

@searchymcsearchface would appreciate if you could provide an update. We necessarily need to use the zip and tar for production environment.

@Bhupendra The only response I did get was that it wasn’t tested for production - I have asked for a follow up but I’ve yet to get a response. Let me bug again.

Hello, I stumbled over this message as well when I was starting odfe on docker.
Do you mean the message, that shows after the message for the Security Demo Installer?

I thought this is just a hint at the start to not stick with the default setup.
Maybe check this ?

Thanks for the input Andreas.
The issue I am facing is odfe mentions zip and tar archive to be used for non-production environment (Redirecting to /for-elasticsearch/).
I need to use it for production environment and hence want to understand if there is a very strong reason why odfe zip/tar cannot be used in production environment. (Though I am eagerly waiting for a go ahead from the community to use the zip/tar archive in production).

Hello, Did you got any response explaining why it is not suggested to use odfe zip/tar in production environment. Are there any implications to such usage. Would community support be available in such scenario. Thanks in advance !!