Is it normal for ODFE to stop running once you close the PuTTY session that's running ./ [tarball installation]

So I’d followed the ODFE installation using Tarball document (Tarball - Open Distro Documentation), and Step 5 tells us to run Open Distro for Elasticsearch using ./

When I ran this command, the PuTTY session appears to be continuously logging lines of [INFO] and essentially doesn’t stop returning these lines. I can see that Open Distro for Elasticsearch is running because the next step is to send requests to the server by running those curl commands.

I’m just wondering if there’s any way of automatically letting ODFE run in the background because when I close that PuTTY session (that was running ./, the curl commands return ‘Failed to connect to localhost port 9200: Connection refused’.

I understand that the tarball installation guide is really only recommended for test and dev environments, so I understand if this is not possible. Just thought I’d ask. Maybe I’ll have to try using RPM download method instead.