Installation trouble


I’m testing opendistro, please assume I’m really new at all of it.

On a VPS server of OVH,
I followed the install process for Elasticsearch debian 10 :

Then I followed the install process of Kibana :

Always using the apt commands.

It seems to work fine :
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200 -u 'admin:admin' --insecure

returns JSON as expected, but when I try it from the IP adress of the SERVER it seems like nothing is listening?

should I use a nginx server or something ?
Or did I miss a configuration ?

I can’t access kibana either from internet.

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Simply you are binding on localhost.
You should set the binding address to the address that you want reach.
In your config/elasticsearch.yml set

And you’ll be able to access your server from everywhere.

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Perfect !
This what I was looking for !


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