Windows/linux archive distribution for production

The link Redirecting to /for-elasticsearch/ mentions that zip or tar.gz can be used to run odfe in non-production environment.
My requirement is that i need the zip and tar.gz archive artifacts for production environment.
Suggestion please.

First, what OS are you using?

Red Hat

Can I use the odfe archives in production (windows/non-windows)?
Is there a specific reason why I can’t?

All the platforms!

Windows is not a suggested platform for production environments for Open Distro. Is there any reason why you can’t use docker or the package manger (DEB/RPM are available)?

@searchymcsearchface is there any particular reason why open distro cannot be used for production in windows?
Interestingly running on windows doesn’t prompt any warning but running on linux prompts the following warning:
** Warning: Do not use on production or public reachable systems **

Thanks. I will try with docker image.

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Hi @searchymcsearchface
This is very important for us. We need to use the archive for windows and non-windows in production. Can you please explain why windows is not suggested platform for production?