March 31 Fork Update

It’s been a while since our last update so let’s go over what’s been happening since then. The release trigger has been driven by when the project is truly ready for contribution. While we’re not striving for perfection before making the code available, making sure we meet this standard takes precedence above all else.

One key area was bringing the Kibana fork and the Elasticsearch fork together. The cleanup was split between two teams. One team for the fork of Kibana and one for the fork of Elasticsearch, both working in parallel. While this enabled the Kibana fork team to get started quickly, it also meant that they were originally testing against ALv2 Elasticsearch 7.10 rather than the fork version. Getting the Kibana fork to work with the Elasticsearch fork did uncover another set of issues, but these are now resolved.

On the process side, the team has lots of little tasks that we have been running to ground. Locking in on a name and setting up a proper presence online so people can find us, while not hard, is work. Additionally, the team wanted to invest in setting up some redundancy in our automation processes and repo hosting. Finally, rest assured that we are moving forward as fast as we can to make this project available to you and the community.

Ultimately, we’re getting super close and the team is feeling good about our readiness for contributors to hit the ground running on day 0!