Update from the fork team: Jan 28

Hey folks-

I had some great conversations with the team yesterday and this morning regarding the progress of getting the forks public. Keep in mind there is a TON to do - these are very large code bases and we are carefully evaluating each file and making surgical commits to remove anything to do with non-open source code. This should provide some transparency in understanding of what we did in this initial stage.

The team lead estimates that we’re approximately 40% complete overall. Like any engineering project, the completion percent isn’t exactly linear - the last few percent takes the longest.

Right now we’re 75% with the removal of the xpack code, 80% done with reworking the CI. We’re about 40% done with the test framework updates. While that sounds good, we are just starting on reworking the build tooling, and removing all telemetry collection.

I have less details overall on this aspect of the project, not because we haven’t been making progress, but I didn’t have as much time to catch up with the team. The same sort of efforts going on with Elasticsearch are also happening with Kibana, but there is actually a lot of tricky user interface problems to solve as we remove all branding and marketing messages.

We’ll be back early next with a further update. Stay tuned!