Update from the fork team: Feb 3

Exciting things going on with the forks. We’re looking at about 65% of the way to having open source forks ready. We’ve topped the hill, folks!

Just to highlight the effort being made here - we have to not only make sure the code is pure Apache 2.0, but we also need to dispose of any organization specific build tooling, make CI work in a new environment and remove any code related to licenses (yay). We’re making great progress on this but here is the drill down:

  • 90% of the telemetry collection has been removed
  • 85% of the x-pack references have been removed from intermingled code
  • 85% of the CI configuration rework is complete, including removal of build metrics
  • 75% removal of license checks
  • 40% of the testing framework updates are done
  • 30% complete on reworked build tooling

Kibana has a lot more surface area that is visible to users, so not only does this effort have to deal with the underlying logic but also the user-facing interfaces that no longer make sense in context (things like the RSS feed, branding, etc.). We still have some decisions to make about how bug reporting opt-in will work.

  • 50% of cleaning the repo; e.g. remove X-pack code, newsfeed, telemetry, and marketing content
  • 25% of the way complete with a releasable codebase

We still have to do end-to-end testing with the scrubbed versions of both Elasticsearch and Kibana as well as ensuring a passing suite of both integration and unit tests.