Feb 10 Fork Update

In the Feb 5 instalment, we went into the quantitative git stats but today I’d like to provide you with a more specific update of what’s happening in the forking process.

The ElasticsearchFork (“search” repo) team is reporting that they’re 85% complete to having a fully clean and open source version ready.


  • 100% of the telemetry collection is removed

In progress:

  • 98% removal of all x-pack code
  • 90% done with rework of CI and build metrics
  • 90% done with removal of x-pack license checks
  • 90% test framework updates including functional unit and and full integration tests.
  • 40% done with build tooling rework

The KibanaFork (“website” repo) team has given me a brief report, but it’s looking pretty good.


  • 100% removal of all x-pack code.
  • 100% removal of telemetry
  • 100% removal of marketing content (including RSS feed)

99.8% of the unit tests are passing, 99.9% of the integration tests are passing and 100% of the functional tests are passing.

We’re getting really close, folks!


what is the latest update on fork of Elasticsearch.

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