Feb 26 Fork Update

It’s been a while! The number you’re probably all wanting to hear: we’re 98% of the way through reworking the projects. Let’s break down the work:

  • 100% done with removal of all x-pack code
  • 100% done with reworking the licensing tools & checks
  • 100% done with removal of telemetry
  • 100% done with test framework updates
  • 95% complete on the rework of our CI configuration
  • 95% complete with the removal of the build metrics
  • 95% complete on the rework of the build and distribution packaging

Even after we get to 100% on everything, we’ll still have several steps before we can release the fork projects, so sit tight – we’re really close!

As mentioned in our previous fork update, we have a few project questions and guiding documents we’re preparing to release to the community. We had a few prepped and ready to go but upon final evaluation we realized that the cart was placed squarely in front of the horse regarding subject matter. As a result, we’ve been busy working on new documents. Expect those soon and be prepared to provide your full and honest feedback.


Good job! <3 :sunglasses:


Great work. There is a silent majority who can’t wait for your updates! :slight_smile:


Welcome @erhan! Thanks for the feedback.