Current fork status

Hi @searchymcsearchface , it would be great to have an “offical” update. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hey @Tom1 - we should have another ‘official’ update early next week.

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Hi @searchymcsearchface

Can we have a tentative timeline (Like days or weeks or months) when the fork will be available for public access? It almost a month since the last update which was stating we are at 98%. We are eagerly waiting for it. We know it is not something that can be done overnight.


I know. That’s fair - it’s been a while.

The reality is I don’t have all the information to give you an updated timeline right now. We’re at the phase where it’s less about code and more about process, mechanics, sign-off, etc. It’s less measurable and way less predictable, so timelines are challenging.

Sit tight - I should have more updates after the weekend.


Hey folks! The update is written but it has to go through a few approvals before I post it and those probably won’t come in today. Just letting you know I haven’t forgot about the update.


Thanks! We appreciate your excellent communication as Amazon navigates these difficult waters at high speed. Looking forward to the release!

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ICYMI - March 31 Fork Update