How to share visualizations for public access in Kibana?

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

version 1.2.X both opensearch and opensearchdashboards

Describe the issue:
HI Team,
we can not share our dashboard with no need to login. This solution is not convenient since we want to share dashboards to cross functional teams through link, and in current way they need to be logged in to the opensearch dashboards.


Currently, temporary solution to overcome abovementioned is by using locally deployed Grafana that points to the opensearch backend but we would prefer a solution with OpenSearch Dashboards since it is ordered and managed. To summarize, the graphs should be visible to other cross functional teams in a way there is no need to login to see just dashboards without interaction with data.


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

hey @bhanuji

By chance have you tried to use/create tenant ?

yes But when i’m trying to switch from global to public tenat, it’s not going under my profile in OS 1.2 version .

At the moment, as long as the solution found on the ES branch is not processed for OS, your best chance to do this is by using JWT. It is a huge burden but that is the only way we found to share our dashboards publicly.