How to disable the private tenant in the dashboard

Hello guys,

I am use the docker version and trying to disable the private tenant from the dashboard.
I followed this instruction:
Kibana Multi-Tenancy - Open Distro Documentation

But it doesn’t works.
Anyone knows how to disable the private tenant?


Hi @beilei - does using the configuration option
" multitenancy_enabled" help you at all?

You could probably set this to false to disable multi tenancy if that was your goal. Was it just the private tenant you were hoping to disable or just tenancy in general?


Hi @beilei - I found this documentation page that shows the proper configuration variables that are now used. Check this out here:

opensearch.password: dashboardserver
opensearch.requestHeadersAllowlist: ["securitytenant","Authorization"]
opensearch_security.multitenancy.enabled: true
opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.enable_global: true
opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.enable_private: true
opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: ["Private", "Global"]
opensearch_security.multitenancy.enable_filter: false



Hello Nate,

does it works on your side?

It is still not working on my side.
That is my config file:

do_not_fail_on_forbidden: false

Kibana multitenancy

multitenancy_enabled: false
server_username: kibanaserver
index: ‘.kibana’

That is my config for opensearch-dashborad.yml:

opensearch.username: kibanaserver
opensearch.password: kibanaserver
opensearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [authorization, securitytenant]
opensearch_security.multitenancy.enabled: false
opendistro_security.multitenancy.tenants.enable_global: true
opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.enable_private: false
opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: [Global]

I have tried the server_username: opensearch and dashboardserver. it is still not working.

Thank you

This worked perfectly to disable the private tenant.
Tank you

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Can I ask what do you put for the server_username? the only username i can find in the opensearch_dashboards.yml is Kibanaserver. is that right?

@beilei kibanaserver is a default service account that connects OpenSearch Dashboards with the OpenSearch cluster.
However, you can create another service account with a different name and use it to connect OSD with OS. In that case, you’ll also need to configure a new account in config.yml.

      server_username: <custom_service_account>

You don’t have to use the above config if you choose to use the default kibanaserver user.