Sharing dashboard link publically in an iframe

Hi, I have installed opensearch, opensearch dashboard 2.3.0 via tarball approach. I want to share the dashboard link to the front end to show the dashboard on the angular ./net application and give the link in the form of iframe. I want the dashboard to be seen to everyone publically without login , such that if the user click on a link he would be able to see the dashboard(read only user) so how can we do it? we have to pass the url with credentials or pass the url with token , jwt auth or is there another convenient way please help.

my opensearch dashboard is already configured with nginx. Users who access OpenSearch Dashboards through the regular URL , they will see the login page as usual. They need to provide their credentials to log in and access the dashboard or other secured resources. I prefer creating a read only user for everyone who’s going to view the dashboard on the front end of the application.

What you need can be achieved by enabling anonymous authentication. This post and messages after it should help you achieve that.

@cash If you’d like to pass a user in a token, try the below example.

<iframe src="https://dashboard:5601/goto/<shared_dashboard_id>?mytoken=<JWT_TOKEN>&security_tenant=global" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

mytoken is the name of the token defined in the config.yml

        description: "Authenticate via Json Web Token"
        http_enabled: true
        order: 0
          type: "jwt"
          challenge: false
            signing_key: "xxxxxxxxx"
            jwt_header: "Authorization"
            jwt_url_parameter: mytoken

Thank you for the solution.