Question: Multiple users with differrent views


I would like to know if the following is possible with opensearch.

I have these users:

  • admin1
  • cust1
  • cust2
  • cust3

I would like that the user admin1 creates a dashbboard1, dashbboard2, dashbboard3

  • dashboard1 should be visible by admin1 and cust1
  • dashboard2 should be visible by admin1 and cust2
  • dashboard3 should be visible by admin1 and cust3
    The same for visualisations.

Also cust1 should see only data related to cust1 in visualisation.
cust2 should see only data related to cust2 in visualisation.
cust3 should see only data related to cust3 in visualisation.

Thank you

Hi @Miky,

Have you checked “Dashboards multi-tenancy” to achieve what you have described?


You might as well be interested in checking: Access control - OpenSearch documentation

Hello Mantas,
Thank you very much for pointing me out these links, I’m going to read them.

You are welcome, if you need any further assistance, on this, do not hesitate to ask.
For your use case - in my opinion, the “Dashboards multi-tenancy” is the way forward.

Hello Mantas,

This is not clear to me.

For example, if I have cust1, cust2 and cust3, should I create 3 indexes so that syslogs coming from customer1 machines use index1, syslogs coming from customer2 machines use index2, syslogs coming from customer3 machines use index3

Eventually, I would give the rights to cust1 to read index1, cust2 to read index2, cust3 to read index3

Regarding the dashboard and the visualisations, I understand I should use tenants, but should they be custom ?

The documentation kind of lacks of exampmles.

Hi @Miky,

You have a few options when it comes to permitting the access to the data:

Could you please elaborate a bit more on “…but should they be custom ?..”?