Multi tenancy in Opensearch

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): 2.0.1

Describe the issue: I have enabled multitenancy in my deployment, I had deployed my system in Active-Active where openseach and opensearch dashboard are deployed in two different setups, I shared opensearch-2.0.1/data folder so that I can access the dashboard from any setup but I can see the same data no matter it is getting configured from any setup.

But when I am trying to create the tenant in one setup, I am not able to see those from another setup.
Is there any other folder apart from opensearch-2.0.1/data which I need to share among those setup ?
Also if anybody suggest where those tenants will be saved inside the opensearch db/filesystem from where i can recover

This issue of not able to access the data becomes a big blocker for me.
Any help is highly appreciated


Hi vgoel, thanks for filing the issue. According to the documentation, I think you can back up your OpenSearch Dashboards data, take a snapshot of all tenant indices using an index pattern such as .opensearch-dashboards*. Here is the link of documentation: Take and restore snapshots - OpenSearch documentation

For the default tenant setup, one of the ways is that you can pre-setup your tenant before you run up the cluster by using .yml file. Here is the link of documentation: OpenSearch Dashboards multi-tenancy - OpenSearch documentation

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