Future of the Helm/Amazon Opendistro images

Hey everyone,

With the OpenDistro switch, it seems there is no Helm chart/K8s operator for deployment. This was a very useful for the OpenDistro components.

Can we still leverage OpenDistro for the foreseeable future? Are the images from the Amazon Docker hub going away any time soon?



I believe there is some work going on with this currently by community members. I’m not sure the stage it’s in at the moment though.

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So, I’m re-reading the original post here - sorry for my vague reply.

As far as Helm for OpenSearch - here is some progress Helm Chart for OpenSearch by TheAlgo · Pull Request #4 · opensearch-project/opensearch-devops · GitHub

As for Open Distro, the artifacts aren’t going anywhere but I would definitely consider them to be legacy. There is no one actively developing Open Distro. It has are unfixed bugs and issues. I would move as quickly as you can to OpenSearch.

That being said, Open Distro is the basis for Amazon’s service, so it’s possible that some fixes will be back ported in the future (the service will soon offer OpenSearch as the strongly encouraged option).