OpenSearch on Kubernetes

I along with three of my friends are working on a tool which can help deploy services/databases directly on Kubernetes(cloud-agnostic). Once we have the tool in place we can use it to deploy OpenSearch/OpenSearch Dashboards on Kubernetes with just one click.

We are leveraging Helm for installing everything.The tool would have CLI and Console as well. Also the users can use the rest endpoints of the service to deploy stuffs.
The tool will be just a docker image that can be ran anywhere (be it ECS, EC2 anything):yum:. I believe that this can save lot of time for users with little knowledge of k8s who want to run an OpenSearch cluster on k8s

I would love to know feedbacks in this from everyone. Thanks


are you building this as an operator? or what is running in your docker image?

as you can see here there are a lot of people which are interested in a real operator for kubernetes / openshift:


Hi @ralph

You can think it like an operator only but it has some differences. It will be a rest client which will connect with your k8s cluster and install stuffs there. But this tool will not be specific to a database/service like normal operators. It will be one tool for all.

Hey! We built a really awesome Kubernetes operator for OpenSearch that will be released soon. If you want to contribute to the project or request a feature, you’re welcome to contact us here:


That is great to here. I am very much interested in this project. Waiting for it eagerly.


good news! do you have any indications on what the license will be? will you release it under an open-source license (e.g. Apache 2.0) and maybe even contribute it to the OpenSearch community or will it have a commercial license (similar to elastic ECK)?

Hey @ralph, the Opster OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator will be open source Apache 2.0!


FYI, another thread tracking the progress here - Kubernetes operator support for the fork