Does elastic eck operators support open distro for Elasticsearch


We use the eck operator to deploy the ES cluster in kubernetes. Now we are trying to use the open distro for Elasticsearch docker image to create the ES cluster but operators not able to create the POD, pod creation fails as Init container elastic-internal-init-filesystem fails to start. It fails with the error “unsupported_distribution”. When we tried to find out about this error message, we found in one of the eck script i.e, prepare_fs_script.go we found this error message. Below is the code snippet from that file.

the operator only works with the default ES distribution

if [[ ! -f $license || $(grep -Fxc "ELASTIC LICENSE AGREEMENT" $license) -ne 1 ]]; then
	>&2 echo "unsupported_distribution"
	exit ` + fmt.Sprintf("%d", UnsupportedDistroExitCode) + `

Below is the link for the file

So my question is does eck kuberenets operator support open distro for Elasticsearch ?
do we have different operators for open distro ?

I went through the open distro documentation but couldn’t find anything related to the operators and if there is way we can deploy ES cluster using operators. Please let me know if there any documentation for the same.


I would like to also be notified if there is any intention of getting these images to be compliant with the official operator. I find the operator to be much better at making a cluster than the helm charts.

I was thinking about modifying the official operator to accept the opendistro images, when I ran across the openshift operator: GitHub - openshift/elasticsearch-operator
This might be a better starting point.

Any thoughts?


GitHub - openshift/elasticsearch-operator is not a general purpose ES operator. It exists solely to fulfill the needs of Openshift logging project. Openshift logging is to enable collection of logs from pods and services running in Openshift.


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I was thinking about modifying the official operator to accept the opendistro images

I think that modifying ECK would constitute a license breach, as it is licensed under the proprietary Elastic license.