Does Opensearch 1.0.0 support all features of OpenDistro 1.13?


I’ve reviewed opendistro to make sure it has all the features I need. And I was building a cluster with opendistro1.13.
Opensearch1.0.0 was released a few days ago and I need to check if I can switch my service to opensearch right now(because my development sprint is going on).

According this(Future of the Helm/Amazon Opendistro images - #3 by searchymcsearchface), it seems good to use Opensearch instead OpenDistro for the future(it sounds no developers in OpenDistro so no more update).

Can Opensearch 1.0.0 provide all the features of opendistro 1.13?

if you read opensearch roadmap. Yes ( )


Just to add a little more detail to @BlackMetalz response, yes for the core software.

There are a few external bits and pieces that are yet available in OpenSearch (CLI, ODBC/JDBC, etc.) but they should all be coming along in the next few days.