OpenSearch 1.0.1 is now available!

I’m pleased to announce OpenSearch 1.0.1, a patch release that provides bug fixes and maintenance updates to OpenSearch 1.0.0. You can read about the specific changes in the release notes.

All of the changes contained in 1.0.1 have been made in the plugins and tools provided in the OpenSearch standard distribution, so if you’re using a minimal distribution of OpenSearch, there is no need to upgrade. Consequently, after upgrade, the version reported by OpenSearch (standard and minimal distribution) may be displayed as 1.0.0. You can see the updated plugin versions by checking the cat/_plugins API to validate your upgrade.

You can get OpenSearch 1.0.1 from the Getting Started page or Docker Hub. OpenSearch 1.1.0 will bring new features and is slated to arrive in a few short weeks, so make sure to keep an eye on the project roadmap for insight into the project’s development.