New repo for Helm Charts

:wave: Hey folks!

As part of an ongoing effort to clean up the OpenSearch DevOps repo the Helm Charts for the OpenSearch Project have been moved to a standalone repo.

This repository currently has charts for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. You’re welcome to try them out, provide feedback, and of course help by contributing.


@TheAlgo and @zhujiaxi any more thoughts about this move or Helm Charts?

Thanks @searchymcsearchface we welcome all the contributors to try out OpenSearch Project helm-charts and contribute to the standalone helm-charts repository.

This is a great step of our further engagement with the community. The Helm Chart of OpenSearch and OpenSearch-Dashboards are initially created in opensearch-devops repo for testing, fully developed and tested and approved by the community members.

We plan to continue this approach, develop community driven products and automations within opensearch-devops repo, and move it to its standalone repo once ready to consume for a greater audience.



Thanks @searchymcsearchface.

Adding to what @zhujiaxi said, this has been a great move for Helm Charts. Moving this to standalone repo will help to publish these helm charts so that it can be easily used by anyone to build their softwares and systems using OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards.

With the continued support of community members the charts are becoming more robust day by day. Addition of more charts like Logstash-OSS/Data Prepper will help in setting up logging/ingestion stacks which will be a boon to the community.