True Releases of the Helm Chart Would be Nice

The Helm Chart packaging of OpenDistro has been really useful for me.

One thing that would be nice is if the chart was formally published to a Helm Repo, so it would be easier to identify distinct versions. With the new Helm Hub model, it’s possible to have your own repo, but have it searchable/discoverable by the larger helm community, which would be a great way to find and get OpenDistro.

Even if formal publishing is not an option, it would be great to at least get tags on the opendistro-build repo to identify distinct versions. The last tag was v1.1.0, which makes it a bit difficult to pinpoint specific releases.

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Apologies for the delay. In case you need this feature, please raise a Github Issue and we will prioritize it on the roadmap.

@virajph This has been raised multiple times over the last year or so in these forums and an issue was raised for it at the end of June. See Helm: Make Helm charts available via Helm repo · Issue #294 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/opendistro-build · GitHub

Thanks Gary. Let me take a look.

The helm charts feature is contributed by the community member. I see that you have raised an issue. Let me raise this internally.