Open Distro 1.4.0 Released but Helm chart still installs 1.3.0?

The Version History page in the documentation indicates 1.4.0 was released yesterday. The documentation, itself, appears to be updated to cover the 1.4.0 release. This includes the section on installing from Helm. But, when I attempted to follow those instructions, the helm package command produces a 1.3.0 package (opendistro-es-1.3.0.tgz). And, looking at the contents of the Chart.yaml file, it also explicitly references version 1.3.0.

Is this just a case of a forgotten push or is there still development work needed (underway?) to support deploying 1.4.0 via Helm?

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@bpavani @carlmead Can either of you clarify the status of Helm chart support for ODFE 1.4.0? Are you aware of active work on it or is this awaiting someone in the community to pick up?

Bigger picture: Is Helm intended to be a 1st-class deployment mechanism (i.e. will be supported immediately upon a new ODFE release)? I believe Carl suggested that in the Bi-weekly community meet-up call earlier this week.


Hey @GSmith,

Apologize for inconvenience. It has been updated. Please let us know if you still run into issues.


Re:Is Helm intended to be a 1st-class deployment mechanism - yes, absolutely. It is a miss. Has been updated now.

Great! Thanks for taking care of it!