For every AWS OpenSearch/ElasticSearch user

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to support the usage and development within AWS’s OpenSearch implementation, I have created a Slack workspace: Slack

The support and disclosure of changes for AWS’s hosted service is currently quite bad. Changes and limitations aren’t being disclosed. The documentation has been merged with the opensearch documentation. Thus now disclosing any differences between these installation types.

Feel free to join and discuss undocumented implementations, limitations and the integration of IAM.

PS: I’m not sure if this post is acceptable by the guidelines of this board. Please correct me if i’m wrong. And help me to get this message abroad.

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Rik Heijmann

There is already a slack which exists. Why do we need another slack fork?

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I’m not sure which slack, the ODFE slack or the Elastic search slack. But this Slack has been dedicated to the implementation of OpenSearch by AWS. Not just OpenSearch.

I think it would be better to just open the channels you are interested in opening in the original slack.
Regarding AWS not disclosing certain changes - which changes are you talking about specifically? I am following changes in the project and never got the feeling changes are not being disclosed. They are all in plain view on github.
Regarding support being quite bad - in what way is it bad? how does this new slack fix this? rather than using the existing one?

I find it more beneficial to join the community and try to use the existing platforms and reach a decision like this after there is some broad agreement.
In my opinion, a fork of the existing slack can only divide a young growing community at this point.

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Yes, the ODFE slack :slight_smile: You can always make a new channel there.

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Looks like there is some confusion on documentation.

Documentation for the service is here:

OpenSearch (OSS) documentation is here: Get started - OpenSearch documentation