Slack workspace

We have a new slack workspace for odfe for convenience.

my 2 cents.


#new-name channel to talk about renaming odfe.

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hah, I just made an #opensearch channel :slight_smile:

Hi, I can’t join cus they require a account with apache domain

Could you please open for gmail?

“Continue with Google” worked for me. Did it fail for you?

The link doesn’t work for me. Is there an updated one that someone can share?

Updated (06/01/2021) invitation link (expires on 06/15/2021):

email domain restriction is removed as well.

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Hi, I’m trying to log in, but this is link is already expired. Could you or someone else please provide a working invite link? Thank you in advance!

The link is not working anymore. Can you provide a new join link?
Thanks Alberto

Join Link that Never Expires:



I want to revive this thread. @nknize @jkowall – Do we have an OpenSearch channel on Slack ? We’ve been on the odfe one for quite some time, and I think we should have an independent channel.

If it’s not coming soon, should we just use the one that Jonah setup? Jonah, would you mind sending out the link once again?



I am going to call out @elifish also. I’m a new user, so I’m limited to how many I can call out in a message.

I believe the AWS team is trying to get it setup on the AWS slack, not sure if that’s a good idea or not. The challenge with free slack is that you have no archive and there is limited capabilities on the free tier. The ODFE Slack is free, and if I made a new one it would have the same limitations.

I also made an #opensearch channel on the CNCF slack, which has full archives. you can sign up there. It appears that Apache foundation doesn’t really have a good Slack setup.

I think Opensearch is better served as a CNCF project over time, but that’s a bigger discussion around governance as the project grows up. If we want to go down that path, I can certainly facilitate those discussions since I am very active in OpenTelemetry and Jaeger.

The CNCF provides a lot of wonderful support for projects. You can find them on this page and the tools are invaluable for an open source community: Services for CNCF Projects | Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Can we start moving the conversation over to CNCF Slack channel? I’m not advocating for any one type of organization or another. I believe the movement to an independent Slack channel shouldn’t take this long.

What’s the status? Has everyone moved there already and I’m the last person standing?

@elifish @jkowall @nknize

The three main Slacks I have always logged into. My company Slack, CNCF, and odfe. I randomly visit several others, but not reading multiple times a day.