Production Support?


My company, Sematext, provides Elasticsearch support, training, and consulting and has been doing that since the first half of the decade. Are there plans to build an ecosystem of vendors providing services around Open Distro for Elasticsearch? If so, I would love to get in touch with somebody from AWS to discuss.


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Sure. Happy to chat. Will DM you.


I’d also be interested in talking. We’re asquera. We founded the original Elasticsearch UG in Berlin in 2011 and have been providing Elasticsearch services and trainings since then. We’re to our knowledge the only non-Elastic partner company in Germany doing this.


Likewise interested in having a conversation @carlmead . here
It would be great if this became a community where companies that have a lot of competence and possible contributions get to participate/ have visibility / generate business in return.

Absolutely - I will reach out! Same to you Florian - great to get everyone involved.

@carlmead Would also like to have a conversation around this. We at have built a ton of toolings around ElasticSearch reactivesearch · GitHub and also offer ElasticSearch support. Would like to understand the current roadmap and how we can participate / be involved.