Streamline code maintanence areas for OpenSearch

As OpenSearch code contributions continue to grow, I would like to propose OpenSearch sub-teams with maintainers getting tagged to one or more teams based on their areas of expertise or interest. For instance we could have a map an issue label like Search/Aggregations to a team of maintainers who dedicatedly own the space and are responsible for driving down open issues and PRs.
That way the maintainer’s responsibility is more streamlined and we are able to collectively improve the repository maintenance load.
Once we have a consensus on sub-team and associating maintainer’s with them we could next discuss on what areas or teams makes more sense

We’ve been looking to do this since the creation of the fork so that we could easily create “focus groups” and notify with relevant PRs, Issues, or discussions. There was even a recent discussion on slack about this so thanks for bringing that here.

The problem early on was that users that are outside the OpenSearch organization (which is owned by AWS) are unable to be added to teams. @peternied said something on slack about being able to fix this but I don’t think that’s the case? I’d be happy to be wrong about that.

Curious if anyone else knows a work around, but I think it’s pretty clear in the documentation that you have to explicitly add users to the organization, and I believe that requires AWS approval.

Edit: how about that, I just saw @peternied comment about opening the org to the community. :slight_smile: This would be awesome but I’m not sure it’s in our control. Will comment there.

That would be great, there are indeed too many areas and too much load, and :crossed_fingers: it is going to only go up.