[Propose] 2.9.1 BugFix Release

In the OpenSearch slack workspace there was a discussion among 8 of us on whether or not we should release an OpenSearch 2.9.1 patch release to fix the ZStd compression issues introduced in the recent 2.9.0 release. In sticking with good open source hygiene with full transparency, I am opening a history retained discussion thread here to give maintainers (since we don’t have an official PMC or Leadership group) an opportunity to weigh in on the release with a +1 (or -1 veto with alternatives).

Note that the release process tasks have already been initiated and a Release Manager has volunteered. While we don’t require consensus approval to prepare the release, we do require it for go/no-go artifact voting (this is done in a lightly attended “in person” zoom meeting, but should really be done in a vote thread to allow for all time zone participation). I’d like to get into a good habit of opening broader discussions about patch releases here to gather feedback earlier in the process. Feel free to weigh in with a simple +1, +0, -0, or an informal veto -1 with technical justification.

I don’t expect we’ll have many -1’s for this one, but we shouldn’t perpetuate this habit of speculation and really need more maintainers to engage on these topics.

Update: We also don’t have to do this on the gated maintainers group. We could (and probably should) move patch discussion to a public group and let our community weigh in. Thoughts?


(Note there’s a 20 character minimum on posts so I can’t weigh in with just a simple +1 :smile: )


Note there’s a 20 character minimum on posts

Lol. @kris can this be fixed?

Looking into an appropriate solution for this


OK - changed minimum to 2 - made the overall community aware as well as this is a forum-wide setting. See Minimum character requirements - this setting will remain unless it is abused.