Open the OpenSearch-Project GitHub org to the community

OpenSearch Project · GitHub has restrictions on who can join today only employees of Amazon can become part of the organization. This severely limits several GitHub teams features that would allow for better organization:

  • Code ownership, instead of being individually listed on the CODEOWNERS file, the team would be mentioned creating clearer lines on reviews assigned to the team vs reviews
  • Notification, these teams can be @mentioned for easier broadcast over multiple individual @mentions.
  • Unified permissions, much easier to manage membership compared to consulting many lists of individuals.
  • Post for teams are available in GitHub. These private and public discussions are tied to GitHub notifications and might be better suited for some meta discussions.

I :100: support this because it certainly limits a lot of community ownership. But this requires AWS / Amazon top level approval as it would require moving the github org out of the Amazon organization. Could take some time.


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