Re:invent 2021 thread

OpenSearch is a community-driven project - it would be awesome to meet over there if you are going. And even from afar, this can be a good thread to link to good OpenSearch related talks from the event, available at the virtual conference.

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:raising_hand_man: I will be there in person!

If anyone is interested, I’ll be giving demos and chatting OpenSearch in the Expo hall at the Dev Lounge:
Tuesday: 1-2pm
Wed: 2-3pm
Thurs: 3-4pm

Otherwise, glad to connect - DM me here.


I will be there as well, happy to meet up. I am booked those times already :frowning: Hope to meet you on Monday in our meeting!

@searchymcsearchface do you have a booth in the Dev Lounge?

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It’s part of the AWS Open Source area.