OpenSearchCon 2023


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Join us for OpenSearchCon 2023 to learn, connect, and collaborate with peers and partners across the OpenSearch Project community!

OpenSearchCon 2023 brings together users, developers, and technologists to explore real-world successes and new applications. Don’t miss this chance to tap the community’s wisdom to solve today’s—and tomorrow’s—search, analytics, and observability challenges.

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And while you’re at it - be sure to book a room at the hotel!

Really hope to see everyone there!

Is there a broadcast?

Hello @mkhl - no, this is an in-person event. Hope you can join us in Seattle for it, but we do plan to have recordings afterwards as well.

Hello, are there recordings available?

@stas.fastov - we are working on editing and expect to start posting to our YouTube channel in a week or so - be sure to subscribe for notifications